Badminton Tournament in SSE among the Class 2019

School of Software Engineering organized the 2019 "Let's Fight" badminton tournament starting on November 24th, which was enthusiastically participated by students. The purpose of this competition is to encourage students to exercise more, to promote the communication among students and to enhance friendship during spare time. After two weekends'competition, the badminton tournament ended successfully.



The competition encompasses mens singles, womens singles, mens doubles and mixed doubles. Considering the time schedule of the students and the number of participants, the competition was divided and scheduled on the two weekends: the first weekend for the mens and womens singles, and the second weekend for the mens and mixed doubles.


On November 24, the weather was a bit cold, but the students were still enthusiastic and went to the gymnasium early to prepare for the game.

In men's singles, Liu Song, Fan Wenwen, Li Yang and Li Mingyang won the top four in the mens singles.



In the womens singles, the girls demonstrated amazing badminton skills and tough fighting spirit, and finally Jiao Xiaoliu won the championship in womens singles, Chen Huimin won the second place, and Chen Zhiman won the third place.


On November 30, Liu Song and Lin Wanxin won the championship, Zhou Bowen and Li Yang won the second place, while Li Mingyang and Yi Ran won the third place in the mens doubles competition. Fan Wenwen and Chen Huimin cooperated well with each other and ended with winning championship in the mixed doubles competition.



The badminton game received unanimous praise from the students. During the badminton match, the students got relaxed after stressful study, and also enhanced cooperation among students. School of Software Engineering will make further efforts to organize more diverse extra-curricular activities for students.